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Susie Johnson, CBI Dental Practice Transition Specialist

Susie Johnson has joined the CBI Dental Practice Transition Team, according to Carl Grimes, Founder and Chairman of CBI. Susie will be part of the CBI Corporate team serving dental practices across the state of Arkansas. CBI has helped dozens of dental practice sellers and buyers since 1994.

Susie Johnson brings over 30 years of dental experience, including ownership of Dynamic Dental Staffing, to her role as CBI Dental Practice Transition Specialist.  

“I’m excited about joining CBI and continuing my work of assisting dentists across the state of Arkansas and helping them plan and execute exit strategies,” Susie said.

Susie will be covering the state of Arkansas while officing in the CBI Corporate Office in Springdale.

Susie will be bringing her extensive insider knowledge of dental practices to CBI and leveraging CBI’s experienced process and support services which have led to the sale of many dental practices over the years.  

Susie says, “Whether the dentist is ready to sell, buy or grow a practice, with CBI and my background, we have the tools to help them.”