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Conducting Business 

By: Carol Gresham

When you sit down to play the piano or sing a song within a group, several skill sets are required. First, hopefully, a little bit of musical talent. Next an understanding of how to read the music, determine the different parts that will blend in harmony to keep the beat and rhythm moving forward at the correct speed… because you can’t stop and go backward when performing.  

Music has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I majored in music in college and even taught piano lessons to 30 students for a couple of years. But in college I wanted to change my major to Business and Public Relations thanks to Dr. Bill Downs. That was impossible unless I started all over. Luckily, I was able to find a career that created stepping stones for owning my own businesses a few years later.  

If you are thinking about buying a business or selling your current business, take a breath and pause to write out your own plan, questions, and theme of what you would like your next step in life to look (or sound) like. You are the composer, and you can set the tone, rhythm, and mix of instruments and sound you want. If you make a mistake, just practice a bit more, and soon you will perform like Beethoven or Buble!  

The team at CBI has the skill sets, experience, and many years of practice to help guide you in buying or selling a business. And…. Yes, we play music if requested!