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Parking Lot Striping Business

Striping falls in line with paving, seal coating, repairing, and other pavement services but stands alone. Striping is typically the one service not provided by typical paving companies. These companies, as well as individual business customers, will seek out striping specialists to add the finishing touches to their projects.

Industry Statistics:

  • By 2050, commercial building floor space is expected to reach 124.3 billion square feet, a 33% increase from 2020.
  • Education, mercantile, office, and warehouse/storage buildings make up 60% of total commercial floor space and 50% of buildings.
  • The US Census Bureau states the United States’ population is currently comprised of 328 million people. According to Bloomberg, the United States has over 2 billion parking spots for about 250 million cars.

Nancee may be reached at 501-500-0175 and Financing is available for qualified buyers. 

Let Nancee know your location and she will verify that the franchise is available in your area.

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