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Polypack Products Sold  

Clint Edens acquired Polypack of Memphis, Tennessee. CBI Memphis Business Broker Jack Pritchett managed the transaction for the Seller and Buyer. In just a couple of months, Jack and the CBI Team found Clint Edens, the buyer of Polypack. Clint’s status as an industry insider added significant value to both him and the Seller. However, during the initial stages of the transaction, he faced a setback when a key employee at his current company left, which delayed the deal by approximately three months. Despite this setback, Clint’s professionalism, and unwavering commitment to acquiring this strategically aligned company remained exemplary.   

Jack Pritchett said, “The Sellers, David Zhao and his wife, were a pleasure to work for.” The parties naturally fit together as they deal with closely related products in the same industry. This close relationship between their businesses allowed for the deal to be structured in a way that maximized the benefits for all parties involved in the transaction.  

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